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DigitaLeon is an online magazine dedicated to the culture of technology, digital entertainment, and photography. We explore these topics from the perspective of those who have spent their lives creating it. This blog exists because it turns out we have quite a bit to say. We offer a unique perspective on the technology of today and what is to come in the near future.

About Leon Pryor

leon profile big daddyLeon Pryor is a technology expert and professional photographer based in the Detroit Metropolian area.    Leon Pryor received a B.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1997. He joined Microsoft in 1997 and spent 14 years working on game products as a developer, project manager, and an account manager.

Leon participated in the launch of the Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles and managed the commercial release of many software titles including Mass Effect, Vanguard, and Asheron’s Call.  As an account manager in the Xbox group Leon managed strategic and technical partnerships with companies such as Electronic Arts, Lucas film, Walt Disney, and Valve software.

Currently Leon acts as a game producer and project manager building educational games and training simulators.  Leon is also an accomplished and published professional photographer.


About Travis Tech – Guest Writer

Travis Williams

Travis began his career in 1990 as one of the co-creators of the highly successful “World of Darkness” roleplaying games from White Wolf / CCP. He was additionally responsible for bridging the gap between traditional RPGs and the explosive growth of video games. These World of Darkness properties went on to become comics, TV shows, video games and novels.

Travis was responsible for the Computer Gaming Adventure game of the year, Sanitarium, which was universally acclaimed as one of the most engaging narratives of its generation. At Warner Bros Games Travis was responsible for the Matrix franchise and the Massively Multiplayer product Matrix Online where we worked closely with the Wachowskis to continue the world post Matrix Revolutions. Travis also collaborated with Jim Lee and the DC Comics staff to design the foundation of what would eventually become DC Universe online. Travis’ work at Sony Computer Entertainment America was creating one of the most top grossing, and popular social PlayStation Network products for the platform, PAIN. For more than four years PAIN was responsible for leading the innovation and technical charge for PlayStation Network highlighting all the new technical advances of the network. Most recently Travis headed production of CAPCOM USA Inc.’s social mobile division.